The basics of Internet Marketing

The basics of Internet Marketing for your business.


Typography Explainer Videos

Use the power of typography to promote your business. Create your own kinetic typography explainer videos. Contact me here.

Video Backgrounds

Exciting news..... Check out my new blog 
Awesome video backgrounds at a very reasonable price. 

New Blog - thepatternstudio

I have started creating digital patterns that resemble handmade stuff. And I will have a website for that in a few months when i have enough content but for now, I have started my new blog where i post all the patterns i create. Most of the stuff will be free. Although i might charge for a few items here and there. Check out 

Nature blogg....woohoooo

Well i am quite a geek when it comes to life. I love gadgets, technology, i wear glasses and i love animation and the discovery channel... and i LOVE nature.. I just have a new blog where i am going to write rampant stuff about nature conservation and go WILD about it. :P

Everything I Do

Just a collective blog of all my posts, updates, work and other stuff.
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